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"We hike your dog when you can't."

our dog hiking services

We are much more than your typical dog walking service in Atlanta.

We create joyful experiences for YOU and your pooch that are safely designed and tailored to accommodate your busy life and schedule. 

Whether your pup be a serious adventurer, a small pooch with a big heart for exploration and fun, or an adult senior, we ensure his or her group composition is suitable so friends can be made easily. While every dog is unique, we form our packs considering age, personality, energy levels, and goals from our pooch parents.

Whatever your dog's personality and energy calls for, we will deliver just that!

Does your dog need to burn some serious energy with a hike? Or is your dog sophisticated, and has realized that it's okay to stop and smell the roses from time to time? Or maybe your dog is that dog that everyone wants to be friends with because they are just that much fun?
"Grab your sunscreen and towel, guys. We are going to the lake!"

count on door to door transport

We start by picking up your pup at home. Your pooch will have a relaxing commute and ride comfortably in his or her own "poochie pad." They will travel safely to and from the trails in a protective crate.

your dog's day of fun includes

After pickup, our pawsome adventure begins with a 2 - 2.5 hour hike where we explore, have fun with friends, and enjoy water and snack breaks. It's always done with a lot of love!

your pooch The explorer

Your pups know how to sniff out a good time! They will be experiencing new places, new smells, new terrain, new challenges, new adventures, all while socializing with suitable friends. Our professional dog hikers are educated and trained to ensure a safe exploration.

we document our adventures

You can count on us photographing and making videos from different parts of our hike. You'll be able to access all of our pooch fun through our social media channels.

Why dog Hiking?

We believe, and pooch experts agree, that your dog's happiness and health improves from getting regular, quality exercise. Just as you're healthier and happier when you exercise - especially with your friends - the same  also applies to your pooch.

We have access to some of Georgia's best hikes and several of the best dog-friendly trails. Some of them are even located within Atlanta's perimeter. These trails not only allow access to exploring new places and smelling new things, they also offer convenience – you’ll know your pooch is never too far away.

Other benefits:
  • Helps develop motor skills, sharpens senses, adds to the complexity of brain development, enhances problem-solving and adaption, increases behavioral flexibility, and plays an instrumental role in building, maintaining, and strengthening social bonds.
  • Helps timid pooches become more socialized and accepting of new situations and environments, leading to improved self-confidence.
  • Helps alleviate boredom, frustration, and other stress relieving behaviors like aggression, excessive barking, digging, escaping, and chewing.
  • Helps improve digestive problems and constipation.
find out more benefits

The Results Speak For Themselves

We guarantee that you'll have a happy pooch!

  • Your pup will be tuckered out when you get home. 
  • Your pooch will be much more interested in sleeping than getting into the garbage or barking at every leaf that blows by your house.
  • Like humans, aerobic exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins are what makes us happy. So your pooch will be happier than ever!
  • You will immediately start seeing improvements in your pup's personality and overall well-being.
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we understand.
You ADORE your dog child

In fact, you love, love, LOVE them. You are always busy and wondering where did the time go? When you're at work (which is probably a lot), running around completing your errands, attending fitness classes, or stuck in ATL traffic, you're always thinking about your babies. You wonder what they are doing and if they're happy. You talk to them, analyze their quirks, measure their fears in thunderstorms and offer comfort, and brag about their robust vocabulary.

You love how their face lights up when you get home.  But you also worry that they are bored or lonely when you’re not around and you hope that you put your favorite pair of shoes up.  You have a full and happy life, albeit a busy one, and perhaps you’d like an option to provide a truly unique experience for them when you can’t?

If this sounds like you, and you're wondering if this service is right for you, chances are, it is!

We would love to help you and your pooch baby!

Variety is the spice of life!

you have an active life
It goes without saying that physical activity is a proven method to improve not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. It boosts your immune system, prevents high-blood pressure, and helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.
you live a healthy lifestyle
You know that being healthy means so much more than completing a record number of workout days or finding the perfect guide to nutrition. You also realize that having new experiences and positive social bonds also contribute greatly to your overall health and happiness.
you love your dog like Family
We've already established how special your pooch is in your life. But work, commutes, time, health or other commitments make it challenging for you to meet all of their mental, physical, and social needs. You wish there was a way to make all of this possible.
Just as we need and crave variety to live a healthier, happier, more balanced and longer life, the same goes for our pooch!


Single Plan


For Your Only Dog Child
(one extraordinary weekly adventure rate)

Sibling Plan


per dog

For Your Other Children With Paws
(weekly adventure rate)

Contact Us for info on Discounted Prices for multiple weekly hikes.

Have Questions about our dog hiking adventures?

If you have questions about our doggy daycare and hiking services, here are a few helpful tips and commonly asked questions to get you started.

How do I get started?
Complete the Client Intake Form. I will then have a phone consultation with you and follow that up with an in person meet-n-greet with you and your pup. Provided your pup is in good health and has relatively good behavior, he or she will be worked in to a complimentary route/pack group of dogs with similar size, stamina and play styles.
Client Intake Form
What zip codes does this service currently cover?
30327, 30305, 30324, 30326 (Buckhead), 30339 (Vinings), 30342 (Chastain), 30319 (Brookhaven), 30333 (Druid Hills), 30308, 30318 (Midtown), 30309 (Ansley), 30306 (VA Highlands, Morningside), 30307 (Candler/Inman Park), 30030 (Decatur), 30316 (Grant Park), 30317 (Kirkwood). We're interested in servicing other areas where there are needs so please complete a Client Intake Form, if you're interested.
Client Intake Form
What breeds do you recommend for this service?
Almost any, but we'll discuss during a consultation based on the best interest of your dog's health and the safety of the pack. We'll consult on this during our meet and greet but most dogs need at least one hour of vigorous activity daily. Ideally, many of the following groups of dogs would have at least 2 hours of exercise and mental stimulation daily: Herding, Sporting, Working , Hounds and Terriers. Dogs are built for outdoor life and these two needs are a common conflict in the canine-human relationship and we can help with that.
Do you pick up and drop off?
Yes, and you don’t even have to be home!
If my dog is being boarded somewhere or is at doggy day care, can I still use this service?
Absolutely, provided the boarding or day care facility is in the zip codes this service is offered.
How long is the pooch-venture?
The hike and play time will last between 2 and 3 hours and will include bottled water and snack breaks. Getting your city dog's paws off the pavement will provide your beloved four-legged family member ample opportunities for sniffing, socializing, tracking, and obtaining optimum health! It's a field trip so we drive to a trail in or near Atlanta, including Lake Lanier, GA State Parks or local hikes along the river.  Depending on location of hike, your pooch will be out of the house for up to 6 hours/day.
Will I know when my pup is home and happy?
Yes, not only will I text you to let you know, I will send you a picture. I've also invested in technology and will email you a detailed map of our adventure that includes the distance and time we spent outdoors.
Will my dog be returned clean?
Yes.  Your pooch will be rinsed off, towel dried, and refreshed upon his home return.
How many times per week do you recommend this service?
That’s entirely up to you. We encourage our pups to be hiked a minimum of once per week but do offer occasional adventures (when the space permits, as our hiking club members get priority). This is a lifestyle service and it's in the best interest of the pups to be a part of a consistent schedule with their four-legged friends. We are trained to screen and compose a combination of dogs that will play well together. This prevents dogs from having to negotiate new social environments daily (which can be stressful to some) and it also maximizes hike/play time on the trails.
How many dogs will hike together each day?
No more than 4 per handler. We value quality over quantity.
Will my dog experience different hikes?
Your pooch will get plenty of variety, as we rotate trails weekly so they do have new experiences and smells.  We hike local trails with creeks and river access, as well as Lake Lanier, and GA State Park trails.  We are also looking at N. Georgia trails for occasional routing.
What happens on a rain day?
We hike rain or shine, provided weather isn’t inclement or dangerous. Parents love this aspect of our service and the doggies do too!
Can you provide references?
Yes. Be sure to check our our Testimonials page and our reviews on Facebook and Yelp.

Don't see an answer to a question you have? Feel free to shoot us an email and we will be happy to help!

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people are talking about Atlanta's Chattapoochie dog hiking Adventures

"Chattapoochie has been the best thing to come into my Gunnar's life.  Leslie is experienced, compassionate, and a loving individual who cares so much about the well being of the dogs on their hikes." 
- Susan R "Gunnar's Mom"
"My pups LOVE Chattapoochie. Since having a baby last year, our dogs were not getting as much attention they used to. Once a week, Leslie and her staff come and pick up our two dogs and they LOVE it. Rebel, our rescue pup, is very skittish so I was a little hesitant about her going. Leslie is so great with dogs that all it took was one visit and now she loves her and going on hikes with other dogs (we never thought that would happen). Our older dog, Renner, has more spunk since starting with CDHA. All I have to say is "hike" and they both go running out the back door. The best part is they sleep the rest of the day! We love our pups and we want them to be happy, that is why we love this company so much!!!! Thank you Leslie for making two very sweet pups very, very happy every week." 
- The Radding Family
"It gives me (and Fenway) peace of mind to know that Leslie is coming. I don't get the whining and barking when I leave anymore. He just goes back to sleep and waits for his day of fun with Leslie and his new friends!"
- LAD "Fenway's mom"
It was with pleasure that we extended dog*tec Dog Walking Academy certification to Leslie. I was tremendously impressed with her intelligent, professional approach to all aspects of the program and setting up her dog walking business. Through her questions, class input, and interaction with student colleagues Leslie demonstrated a strong ethical core, a lovely touch with animals, and a true commitment to professional education. Leslie clearly cares about both the dogs and the people she serves. Not only are we proud to call her a dog*tec graduate, I would happily and confidently ask Leslie to walk my own dogs."           
-Veronica Boutelle, dog*tec Founder"
I have been so fortunate to find Leslie!  My 80 pound puppy is a member of her Chattapoochie Dog Hiking Club, and, we have been extremely pleased with her personalized service and adventures she offers. Leslie is professional, knowledgeable, passionate and so caring of her dogs. She provides all the details of my puppies hiking adventures and precious keepsake pictures. He comes home happy and very relaxed! We love this great hiking club, and, I will continue to recommend Leslie to all my friends!!
- DEH 
I cannot begin to thank you for your services.  I have a strong and highly active dog that requires a lot of my attention and time.  I love him dearly but having another outlet for him is needed for my sanity.  I have taken him to doggie day care and that works out great.  But what you is beyond expectations.  Jake gets to have an ADVENTURE.  He is not just going on a hike he is experiencing all the sounds of nature with a pack.  It feels like a more natural experience for him.  I love it.   I cannot recommend your service enough.  I adore the updates of his adventure.  I promptly stop what I am doing at work and act like a proud mom and show everyone what he has done for the day.    When I get home, I have a calm, content, happy dog.  He sleeps so soundly after his adventures.  I thank you and Jake thanks you. 
- Claire aka Jake's mom

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